Diablo III at gamescom 2013

Diablo III at gamescom 2013

Drop by the Blizzard booth at gamescom 2013 and you’ll have the chance to prove your worth in the Burning Hells – Diablo III is not only on PC, but also on PlayStation 3 for the first time in Europe ahead of its release on September 3!

patch 5.4

Reforged for the console experience, Diablo III on PlayStation 3 brings co-operative demon-slaying to a whole new level. Bring your friends and get settled on our comfy sofas – but don’t relax too much, because humanity needs you to battle the legions of evil. Curious to find out how the famous, frantic mouse-clicking experience of Diablo on PC works on console? Now’s your chance to find out!

That’s not all the Diablo-related entertainment you can expect at gamescom. We’ve got live music performances featuring songs in the theme of – and directly taken from – our games. Check our schedule to make sure you catch the shows.

The world-renowned Blizzard costume contest takes place on our stage on Saturday August 24, and last year the winning costume was a terrific female barbarian outfit. Will we see another Diablo-themed winner this year? Only time will tell – be in the crowd to find out who’s going to win a trip for two to this year’s BlizzCon in reward for their mighty efforts.

costume contestcostume contestcostume contest

And finally, if you’d like to meet some of the Diablo development team and grab their signatures for your collection, we’ve got several signing sessions scheduled throughout the event. Bring along a favorite memento to be signed, or pick up one of the free cards.

Check out the full schedule for all the timings – we hope to see you there!